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Programmers Love Radio Voodoo because:

  • Your customized toll free number or local number connects to a cloud powered answering service
  • Perfect solution for voicetracked, overnight, weekend and national programming
  • Easy access to audio, demographic data and reports from your Radio Voodoo dashboard
  • Link listener audio to your station Facebook page with one click
  • Route calls with an IVR – send callers to a live AM show and then back to your answering service with an online dayparter
  • Embrace Local Callers – create a library of callers with requests, up to the minute weather updates and neighborhood news tips

Promotions Teams Love Radio Voodoo because:

  • Automated, Unattended Contest System
  • Radio Voodoo Counts the Callers and Passes the Winner to YOU
  • Grow Your Listener Text Messaging Club

Ad Sales Teams Love Radio Voodoo because:

  • Sponsorship of the Contest Line
  • Sponsorship of Texts
  • Generate Reports featuring audience demographic info and more!


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